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About us

The Centre for Memory and Identity Studies (CSMI) aims at studying and disseminating the individual/collective/cultural memory and social/cultural/national/civic identity of Europe with a special focus on central and eastern parts of the continent. Its purpose is to establish bridges between the civic and the academic worlds. The Centre aims to encourage and promote memorial and identity studies at the national and international level. The CSMI aims to contribute to the involvement of the youth in studying, preserving and promoting the national patrimony and the European cultural heritage and civic values.


  • Elaborate, develop or participate in academic or civic research projects;
  • Publishing scientific or popularization works in the form of books, journals, albums, DVDs, CDs, web pages or using any other physical or electronic support;
  • Producing documentaries or feature films dealing with memorial, civic or identity issues;
  • Creating theatre plays or other types of montages or artistic events;
  • Creating temporary or permanent exhibitions dealing with memory and identity issues in Romania and abroad;
  • Producing radio and TV shows, but also webcasts and podcasts;
  • Organizing conferences, roundtables, public debates on topics relating to memory, identity, heritage, civic values;
  • Proposing and delivering courses of public responsibility and more thorough knowledge of our shared European past;
  • Initiating and supporting local, regional or national efforts to preserve and value local and national patrimony;
  • Undertaking campaigns of memorialtourism, involving youth from Romania and abroad;
  • Organizing memorialschools aimed at a better understanding of the recent past in Romania and Europe;
  • Contributing to the creation of museums cultivating memory and identity, as well as other means of preserving Romanian and universal cultural heritage.
Places of sorrow: remembering and forgetting, a visual project meant to (re)discover the hot spots of communist repression;
MemoShorts, short documentaries about communism in Romania;
Publications on memory of communism.
“Regaining the future by rebuilding the past” – Women’s narratives of life during communism in Poland, Romania and former East Germany. 
The aim of this interdisciplinary research project was to collect, document, and compare through the case-study method the life stories of 144 women from Poland, Romania, and the former German Democratic Republic. We investigated how women from Central and Eastern Europe, struggling with the material legacy of the WWII and the difficulties of life under the communist regime, found ways to rise to the challenge before them, namely: „regaining the future by rebuilding the past.”