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President CSMI:

Claudia-Florentina DOBRE, who has been awarded a PhD in History by the Laval University of Québec, has published extensively on memory of communism and political persecutions, daily life, museums, mythology and cultural memory. She co-produced the documentary ‘Bărăgan Stories. Memories from the Romanian Siberia’.


Valeriu ANTONOVICI, PhD in Political Sciences at SNSPA, is co-producer of several documentaries: ‘Bărăgan Stories. Memories from the Romanian Siberia’, ‘Memorial places in Romania: University Square’, ‘One cannot talk lightly about communism’,‘„Tot înainte!” Memories from childhood‘.

Secretary general:

Maria MATEONIU, PhD in Ethnology at Laval University of Québec, has published numerous articles and books and has been involved in several projects dealing with the memory of communism, religious anthropology, rural and urban patrimony and daily life.

Members of the Directory

Cristian-Emilian GHIŢĂ, PhD in Classics and Ancient History at the University of Exeter (UK), has published a number of articles about the history and mythology of the Ancient World.

Laura ENE, Professor of History, has been involved in numerous educational and civic projects.


Sonia CATRINA, PhD in Anthropology at the Victor Segalen University, Bordeaux II, has published numerous articles and books about urban and rural anthropology, patrimony and cultural memory.

Denisa Oprea, PhD in Literature at Laval University of Québec, lecturer at SNSPA, she published extensively on literary studies, communication studies and European civic values.

Titus Radu, graduated from History at the University of Bucharest. Writer. He published several novels about the economic emigration, political life in early ”90s: Emigration blues, Hornuri de argint, Sclipitorii.

Francesco Zavatti, PhD in History from Södertörn University (Sweden), has published on history of communism and history of historiography, with a specific focus on Romania. He is presently researching on transnational history, focusing on Eastern Europe and the Nordic countries