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  1. Women’s everyday life during communism: an international project coordinated in Romania by Claudia-Florentina DOBRE. The project aims at studying the life and work of women from Romania during the communist regime;
  2. The Memorial of Deportation: the project aims at disseminating the information about communist deportation to pupils and students through lectures, workshops, books and film presentations,
  3. Places of sorrow: remembering and forgetting, a visual project meant to (re)discover the hot spots of communist repression,
  4. Pasts into Present in Central and Eastern Europe. Memory Mechanisms and Urban Heritage Landscapes, conference organized by CSMI, coordinated by Sonia CATRINA,
  5. MemoShorts, short documentaries about communism in Romania, initiated by Valeriu ANTONOVICI;
  6. “JewScapes”, a project on Jewish patrimony and the Holocaust memory in Romania. A project by Sonia CATRINA.